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Give Them Something Better

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by Sarah Frain & Stephanie Howard

The “good life” is killing us. Chronic diseases have established a stronghold in our society representing 75 percent of our national healthcare costs, and the best modern medicine can do is to manage the symptoms of these killer diseases instead of delving to the source of the problem.

Despite that, hope comes from Loma Linda, California, the capital of the American Blue Zone of long livers. Why do these people, who represent not only a geographic Blue Zone but also a cultural one, have only half the rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and excess weight? Also, why do they have lower risks for arthritis, colon and prostate cancers?

Let this family- style cookbook reveal some of their secrets. Herein you will find delicious, inexpensive recipes that will contribute to better health and longer life. These are not recipes with outlandish ingredients. Instead, this book is offering families some of their favorite American foods but with a healthy twist. This book offers you something better.

Beautiful. Delicious. Nutritious. Fresh. That is what every meal should be and can be with this wonderful new resource. This practical and engaging guide shares the how-to’s in preparing the very best plant-based foods in your kitchen. You will be able to enjoy favorites like vegetable pot pie, lasagna, and veggie fajitas, and also to learn some new tastes, along the way. You will get all the tips and menu planning support you need to help your family make the switch to a healthier diet and stick to it! All this and more is here in Give Them Something Better.